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October 23, 2017

President's Message

October 2017

What’s new in the Annuity marketplace these days? Well, we have a new 7-year index annuity to talk about. Many agents requested a shorter duration FIA they could offer their clients and EquiTrust listened to the field.

EquiTrust has just released an outstanding 7-year Index Annuity, the Income MarcSeven. It’s a flexible premium index annuity with an accumulation guarantee of 107%. The included income rider features a 7.00% Benefit Base bonus and 7.00% rollup compounded for up to 7 Years! See our enclosure for additional info and be the first to offer this outstanding flex premium product.

As a financial advisor, it can be difficult to perfect long term planning even with the fixed options that are available today. Enter the single premium immediate annuity (SPIA). The highest settlement options are offered with A+ (Superior) rated Integrity Life. Commissions are stellar, up to 3.75%.

Contact us to prepare a SPIA proposal so you can make presentations to clients who are looking for a guaranteed way of adding monthly income today. We’re here to help.


Ronald J. Lane


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